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Kamal Haasan Miffed Over IFFI’s Apathy.

Veteran actors Sharmila Tagore, Asha Parekh and Soumitra Chatterjee have completed 50 glorious years in Indian Cinema and the 40th International Film Festival of India being held at Goa is all set to commemorate this event.

As a tribute to these stalwarts, 3 movies of each actor will be screened during this festival which will be held from 23rd November to 3rd December. 200 films from 20 countries will be screened during the festival.

Incidently Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has also completed his 50 years but his films are not being included in the IFFI. There are various versions of this story as the South vs North controversy is reigning here.

According to the Tamil Film Industry, the IFFI did not remember the fact that Kamal Haasan had also completed his 50th year in the industry and so he had been overlooked. And now that 23rd November, the scheduled date for the festival was so close, they had run out of time and they could not make amendments for the lapse.

While the other story says that Kamal Haasan on the suggestion of some of his friends in Delhi insisted that as he has worked in 4 different South Indian languages besides Hindi, he deserves a share of 7 films to which the IFFI gave a denial.  As the Directorate of Film Festivals (DDF) had decided that only three movies of each actor could be included in the festival, Kamal Haasan  had been omitted.

But you can feel the discontent seething in Chennai. The southern faction says, “Fitting in seven films over two weeks is not impossible, and a chance for the international delegates to experience world-class cinematic experience has been lost.”

While director K Balachander feels, “It is unfortunate that such a gathering of the elite of the world cinema will not have the privilege of watching the work of one of the finest actors in Indian cinema ever, specially in his 50th year. Rules, time and space constraints apart.”

The organizers of the festival, The Goa Entertainment Society also feel that he is justified in saying that, as the works of such a great actor cannot be confined to just 3 or 4 films and that any festival will feel privileged in honoring him, but the constraints of time has bound them.

On being approached on this controversy Kamal Haasan remarked, “That usually happens, the fault is also ours. We do not represent ourselves well, we do not go to meetings, and we do not participate in various functions. Its a diverse culture and there should be unity.”

The DDF has decided to hold a complete montage of his films in New Delhi in 2010.

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