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Meteor Shower November 2009 Video: An Amazing November 2009 Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower November 2009 video is amazing.  The November 2009 meteor shower was is being watched by many.  From November 13-20, 2009 the meteor shower is best seen after 1:30 AM EST.  The peak was estimated to take place early this morning, but enthusiasts can still view the shower for a few more days.
The Leonid meteor shower is an annual event that takes place as the earth travels through Comet Temple-Tuttle.  As the earth approaches the comet and as the comet comes closer to the sun, it sheds clumps of material that sprinkle our nightly sky.

If you haven’t seen a shower like this, it is worth waking up early or going to bed late to see.  Make sure you have a telescope to see the best views.

NASA’s Web site has a Fluxtimator that allows you to see when the shower will be best viewed in your area.  You can use this to plan when you will see the meteor shower.

How to Celebrate the Meteor Shower during November 2009:

If you have children, have a “meteor shower” party with them to make viewing it very special for them. Make star shaped cookies and find free printable solar system and space coloring pages online.  Learn about how the event occurs, and describe it to your child.  Have them help you make a story book that discusses the event.

If you don’t have children, grab a bottle of chilled wine, a telescope, and a blanket and sit out in the night sky with someone special and watch the beautiful event.  This will be a romantic evening at home, and a unique date that doesn’t cost anything.

If you are in the city and can’t get great views of the meteor shower, find the November 2009 meteor shower video online.


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