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Prejean Tapes: 8 Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes Desired by Vivid

Prejean tapes are hot.  So hot, that Vivid Entertainment wants the Carrie Prejean sex tapes and Prejean tapes to use in a porno film.  This opportunity could allow Carrie Prejean to make “millions” and could give plenty of people the opportunity to see the Carrie Prejean sex tapes virus-free.

Of course, Carrie Prejean has frolicked around, pretending to be wholesome and pure.  The tapes were the “biggest mistake” of her life and were taken when she was “only 17.”  We all know the truth now – she was over 18 when the Prejean tapes were made.  Now, what was her “biggest mistake” could become her “biggest bankroll.”

Her mother says “absolutely not!” to the deal posed to Prejean’s lawyers.  However, given the facts and circumstances surrounding Carrie Prejean, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea.  After all, eventually the tapes will be leaked and available online on reputable Web sites.  Selling the videos to Vivid Entertainment could help Carrie Prejean at least make some moolah off the deal.

I read the letter from Steven Hirsch, Co-Chairman of Vivid Entertainment, as it is posted on both and  He wants to use the tapes which were produced for her boyfriend “following a four day rendezvous in February 2007” and realizes that the footage “has the potential of being the most successful adult video of all time.”

The idea pitched by Hirsch will take the Carrie Prejean sex tapes and distribute them on under the “Vivid Celeb” imprint.  Prior releases include sex tapes made by Kim Kardashian, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty, and Shauna Sand.

Whether or not Carrie Prejean jumps on this offer is up to her.  Sex sells and everyone is buying – so why shouldn’t Prejean make some money off her naughty tapes instead of letting it leak for free?


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