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Prejean Tapes: 8 Sex Tapes and a Controversy Surround Carrie Prejean

Prejean tapes are still hot.  For almost a week, Prejean tapes have been on the top of Google Trends.  One Carrie Prejean sex tape was released on Wednesday, and caused quite a stir.  In fact, the tape played a role in the settlement of a lawsuit and even landed Carrie Prejean on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

If you missed Carrie Prejean’s “Larry King Live” performance, you should find a clip of it online.  She called Larry King “inappropriate”, refused to talk to a gay caller, and even threatened to walk off the show.  Carrie Prejean showed her true colors of being a self-righteous spoiled individual unable to come clean when she made a mistake.

The first Carrie Prejean tape that was released was so graphic that not even celebrity gossip site TMZ would post the tape.  The tape allegedly featured Carrie Prejean carrying out a “solo performance.”  Rumor has it, Prejean’s mom was even in the room when the Miss California pageant showed her a 15 second clip.

Prejean told reporters that the tape was the “biggest mistake” of her life and that she was “only 17” when they were made.  Of course, more reports surfaced that debunked her allegations.  An ex boyfriend confirmed that not only was Carrie Prejean over 18, she also made several other tapes as well.

Searching for the Prejean tapes isn’t such a good idea.  There are many sites that are popping up and they will do nothing more to you than leave your computer chock full of viruses and spyware.  Do yourself a favor if you are going to search out the tapes:  have someone else do it for you.  Either that, or wait until the tapes hit a legitimate site.

Carrie Prejean will no longer be remembered as a former Miss California winner.  She will be remembered as the girl who dissed gay marriage in front of Perez Hilton, the loser of the Miss USA pageant, the fired Miss California, and the girl with all the sex tapes.

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