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Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Always A Big Controversy: Will Carrie Prejean Ever Live the Sex Tape(s) Down?

The Carrie Prejean sex tape(s) are still a big controversy for Carrie Prejean.  Will the sex tape hype ever die down? Although the excitement surrounding the tapes has died down somewhat, people are still curious about the tape.  After all, isn’t there a little bit of a voyeur in all of us?

I don’t think Carrie Prejean will ever live the sex tapes and racy photos down.  After all, Erin Andrews peephole video is months old and people are still searching for it.  Carrie Prejean was more exposed than Miss Andrews in her video, so chances are the hype will remain even hotter.

Adding to the hype is the fact that Carrie Prejean lied about the tapes and tried to deflect blame. She was allegedly “only 17” when she made the tapes (which she also claimed were the “biggest mistake” of her life…).  She also allegedly only made one tape.  However, an ex-boyfriend surfaced and confirmed that Carrie Prejean was over 18 when the tapes were made, and there were several tapes made.

Rumor has it that there are 8 sex tapes available.  That is 7 additional tapes and the original leaked tape last week.  We know that the first sex tape includes Carrie Prejean making a “solo performance.”  Details of the other 7 tapes have yet to be leaked.

Will Carrie Prejean ever live the sex tapes down? Probably not.  After all, she did lie about them.  Furthermore, sex sells and everyone’s buying – so as long as the tapes are out there, people will hunt for them.   In addition, lying about the tapes and throwing a fit on Larry King Live was enough to make many people who otherwise wouldn’t have cared very curious, and therefore make them hunt for the pictures.

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