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Shaniya Davis Found: Authorities Found Shaniya Davis Along A Highway

Shaniya Davis is found. Authorities found Shaniya Davis lifeless along a highway.  Now that Shaniya Davis is found, the investigation can go on to determine what happened to the young girl.


Shaniya Davis was a missing 5 year old from Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Her mother, Antoinette Davis, has been arrested and charged with human trafficking, prostitution, and child abuse.  Her 7 year old son has been removed from the home and is now in foster care.


Shaniya Davis was last seen with Mario McNeill in a hotel surveillance camera.  She was never seen alive again.  The search for young Shaniya has been going on for about a week.  Her mother initially reported the young girl missing.  She was taking a nap and then disappeared.


Bradley Lockhart is Shaniya Davis’s father.  She lived with him until recently, and he allowed her to live with her mother once it was proven to him that she could provide a stable home for her daughter.  Unfortunately, the story has a tragic ending.


What could possibly inspire a mother to traffic her own daughter, selling her in to prostitution?  It is very, very rare to see such a young child trafficked.  The current entry age in to prostitution is currently 12 to 14 and for the most part the trafficked children are runaways and throwaways.  A 5 year old cannot fend for herself.


Authorities found Shaniya along a North Carolina highway.  Mario McNeill is being held in jail on first-degree kidnapping charges.  He has a $100,000 bond.  Authorities will not rest until they figure out what happened to the young girl.  Hopefully, justice will be served.

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