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Walmart Black Friday 2009 Deals: Walmart, Walmart That’s Our Store, We Shop There ‘Cause We Save More!

Walmart’s Black Friday 2009 sales are sure to please.  Although the official Walmart Black Friday 2009 ad hasn’t been released, the anticipation of the Black Friday sales is building.  Next Sunday, papers throughout the United States will deliver what every woman is anxious for: the Black Friday ads.


I know when I get the Black Friday ads, I am going to look through them and decide exactly how I am going to plan my Black Friday shopping day.  Although I don’t know where I will go first, Walmart is definitely towards the top of my list.


Walmart is keeping their ad close to home. I have searched high and low across a variety of sites that advertise leaked Black Friday 2009 ads, and all I can find are deals that are available throughout the holiday season.  For instance, the 100 toys for $10 deal.


Walmart is giving hungry shoppers a small taste of holiday savings – just enough to tide them over, but not enough to fully satisfy them.  Deals on BlackBerry handsets from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon were recently available.  The cost for many of the handsets were $99.99, but you also received a $100 Walmart gift card, making the hand sets free.


Where do I think Walmart shoppers will save the most this year? I think TVs, laptops, small electronics, and toys will give shoppers the biggest savings.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see big-screen TVs for less than other competitors.  I am hoping to see a bunch of markdowns on clothing and baby supplies as well.


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