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Raj Thackerey And Controversies

Raj Thackeray formed his party, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)  as a benefactor of the people of his soil, ‘the Marathi Manoos’.It started in February 2008.  Raj Thackerey led a protest against the Biharis and the people migrating from UP to Mumbai by compelling them to leave the city. They resorted to violence, injuring scores of people and destroying property worth crores of rupees.

He was arrested along with his men and later released on payment of 15, 000 rupees.

His workers harassed, murdered, and created ruckus in Mumbai while the police watched helplessly on being restrained by higher authorities.

Then started the Bacchhan saga.  During a function, Jaya Bacchhan was asked to speak in Marathi to which she reiterated that as she belonged to Uttar Pradesh she would talk in Hindi. This took an ugly turn, Amitabh Bacchhan’s films were attacked, demanding apology from Jaya Bacchhan. The situation improved only after Amitabh’s apology.

Raj Thackerey condemned the ‘Chath Puja’,a festival of the Biharis. He called it a “show of ignorance” adding that in Maharashtra one should celebrate Maharashtra day and not UP day. His statements were condemned all over the Northern states. The  then Minister for Railways Lalu Prasad  ridiculed him, by calling him an infant in politics, and vowing to perform the  Chath Puja in front of his residence.

The screening of ‘Wake up Sid’ was disrupted for the measly reason that ‘Mumbai’was referred to as ‘Bombay’ in a song The film was allowed to run only after Karan Johar tendered profuse apologies agreeing to Raj Thackerey’s terms.

Raj and his men started feeling that they were invincible and could get away with everything they did.

Their goondaism crossed all boundaries on the 9th of November when they uprooted the honour of the Assembly and battered the sanctity of the Constitution as the Nation hung its head in shame.

Four MNS workers manhandled and slapped Abu Azmi a Samajwadi Party MLA, ‘in the Assembly’, because he insisted on taking his oath in Hindi and not Marathi.

This day has gone down in the history of Maharashtra State Assembly as the ‘black day for Republic’ and a ‘reproach on the federal structure of the country’.

A couple of days after that incident, Raj Thackerey has raised up the Marathi issue again.   He has now issued a letter to the GM of The State Bank of India stating thatonly people with valid domicile certificate should be allowed to appear for the exams being held in Maharashtra.

SBI had invited applications from all over India for1100 vacancies for the clerical post in various branches of SBI in Maharashtra. From 1.5 lakh applications received, 70% are outsiders, which means they cannot produce a domicile certificate. According to Shirish Parker MNS General Secretary “posts are local and Marathi people should get priority for that.”

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