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Sexercise for Women: An Exercise Method For Women Boasting Amazing Benefits

Sexercise for women is an amazing exercise method. Sexercise for women has many health benefits. Sexercise for women focuses on building pelvic floor muscles, and is formerly known as kegel exercises.

This form of exercise has many benefits for women that extend way beyond an improved intimate life.  Women who are pregnant benefit from this type of exercise because building up pelvic floor muscles helps the birthing process, and helps women return to “normal” after giving birth.

Many women don’t think about working these muscles because they are muscles you can’t see.  They don’t affect your outward appearance and other than a few health care providers and a few women’s magazines, sexercise hasn’t been widely spoken about.

Women that are interested in various Sexercise for women exercises, look no further.  Below are three great methods that will help you keep your pelvic floor muscles strong.

Straight Line Body Pose

1) Lay on your back and bend your knees

2) Raise your bottom, contracting your muscles until your body is a straight line.

3) Lock your stomach, hold for 3-5 seconds, slowly lower your body using your muscles and not momentum.  Repeat.

Puppy Pose

1) Get on your hands and knees

2) Raise your left leg, keep your thigh straight an move your calf to your right side.

3) Move your leg down into a 45 degree angle, hold.  Place your left leg down and do the same with your other leg. Repeat.

Kitty Pose

1) Get on your hands and knees

2) Arch your back and pull up your stomach. Hold

3) Repeat and return to the arched position.

Many healthcare providers also recommend that you work your internal muscles. While using the rest room, stop your stream and hold.  Remember those muscles, then do those exercises whenever you see fit.  You can even do that particular sexercise right at your desk.

Sexercise is nothing dirty.  Women should consider working their pelvic floor muscles to improve their overall health.

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