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Black Friday 2009 Deals, Walmart Saturday Sales, and All Your Black Friday Needs

Black Friday 2009 deals, Walmart Saturday sales, and many exciting Black Friday ads are making shoppers excited for the Black Friday shopping experience.  Are you trying to find out what deals can be had this holiday shopping center, well look no further.

If you can’t make it out to the store, there are plenty of Walmart online specials to be had.  This week, you can get a Nintendo DS Lite value pack for $149.  The pack comes with the Nintendo DS plus an accessory kit and an Indiana Jones game.  You can also get a Toshiba laptop for $398. The laptop is currently out of stock online, but the deal is also available in stores.

Walmart also has some Saturday Sales.  The Walmart Saturday sales give people ways to get deals before the Black Friday holiday.  Check out your local ads for more details, as some deals differ by markets.

Black Friday deals during the 2009 shopping season should include great deals on laptops, netbooks, digital cameras, gaming systems, Blu-ray players, video games, and much, much more.  Walmart promises that they will amp up their crowd control in order to avoide the same problems that they had last year.  Last year, a temporary employee was trampeled to death by a crowd.

Sears also has weekly Black Friday sales. These sales are called “Black Friday Now” and are popular each and every Saturday morning.

Are you going to get out on Black Friday morning? Are you going to head out with the crowds, or are you going to shop online instead?

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