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Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Evangelist: Tony Alamo Convicted of Sex Crimes

Tony Alamo is the founder of Christian Ministries.  Tony Alamo was convicted.  Tony Alamo took underage girls across state lines to have inappropriate relations with them.  The Tony Alamo sex scandal, which could land him in jail for the rest of his life, is just the latest sex scandal featuring a so-called “Christian.”

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with claiming to be a Christian.  However, individuals such as Tony Alamo and Carrie Prejean are hypocrites. They want the world to believe that they are wholesome and pure, when in fact their entire lives and the way they portray themselves is based on a lie.

Carrie Prejean was “tricked” in to making semi-nude photos. Then, she made sex tapes for a boyfriend, and claimed she was 17 at the time.  Newser reports that the “boyfriend” confessed that 15-20 tapes were made, and that Carrie was over 18 when she made them – and even begged HIM to LIE about their ages when the tape was made, if asked.

Now, there’s Tony Alamo.  He has been convicted of 10 counts of taking underage girls across state lines for sex, which carries a sentence of 175 years.  According to CBS News, Tony Alamo took the girls as “brides” and then molested them.

The silver bullet that put Tony Alamo from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries behind bars was the testimony of a woman that was taken as a child bride at the age of 8.  She described how the act tore her family apart, and how she shook the first time it happened.

Another one of Tony Alamo’s “child brides” that testified against him gave the Christian Ministries evangelist some more food for thought:

“Maybe the real God, not the God you made up, will have mercy on your soul,”

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