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Charla Nash, Chimpanzee Attack Victim Shows Face on Oprah

Charla Nash, chimpanzee attack victim, showed her face.  Charla Nash’s chimpanzee encounter was horrific.  The Charla Nash chimpanzee attack was tragic, leaving a beautiful 55 year old woman without eyes, lips, a nose, and severe scarring.

On the bright side, Charla Nash is still alive.  She’s able to walk, talk, and drink through a hole in her mouth that doctors made for her.  She was recently told she will never see again, but despite all the negativity around her – she remains very positive.

The Charla Nash chimpanzee attack happened when Ms. Nash was trying to help the owner of a 200 pound chimpanzee lure the animal back into her home.  The chimp is very aggressive, and state biologists warned authorities that the animal could really hurt someone.

Travis, the 200 pound chimp responsible for the attack, was killed by police.  Fortunately, Charla Nash is still alive.  She’s an inspiration for all those who are victims of tragedy. She doesn’t want to worry about the extent of her injuries, wants to get better, and prays every day for a face transplant victim.  If she gets a face transplant, she will also get to have a hand transplant as well.

Pictures of Charla Nash after the chimpanzee attack are available on They are very graphic, so those who do not like viewing graphic photos should not view these.

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