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Madhur Bhandarkar- From Rags To Riches

Madhur Bhandarkar, recipient of National Film Awards,  for Chandni Bar (2001), Page 3 (2005), and Traffic Signal (2007) is more popularly known for his films which have social relevance and which hit hard at the roots of the issues he deals with.Inspite of being a school dropout, today he is invited to deliver lectures to the students of Management, on corporate issues. He is the Life member of the ‘International Film and Television Research Centre’ and the ‘Asian Academy of Film and Television.’

But all this was not achieved easily.

When he was 12 years of age his father incurred a heavy loss in business. Consequentially Madhur had to work to earn a living. He started as an errand boy in a video library delivering cassettes to bar girls and others.  Here he was exposed to the life of bar girls. He sold stuff like chocolates and chewing gums at traffic signals, and had a first hand experience of the life there.

But his heart lay elsewhere. He started assisting small time directors for a measly 1000 rupees.  He  tried his luck at production, and finally landed up with Ram Gopal Varma. He assisted him and learnt the nuances of direction. He tried his hand on making a pilot project for a TV serial, but failed.

It was in 2001, when he directed Chandni Bar with Tabu and Atul Kulkarni in the lead, that he shot to fame. The film was critically acclaimed and he received his first National Award. It was a huge achievement for someone in his shoes. And then there was no looking back.  In 2005 he made Page 3 with Konkana Sen Sharma. This critically acclaimed film and a great success at the box office got him his second National Award.

Corporate, made in 2006, exposed the ruthless side of the business world, while Traffic Signal in 2007 got him the third National Award. Nobody could have asked for more. Fashion followed in 2008 with Priyanka Chopra which revealed what lies behind the glamour of the fashion world. This film was also received well.

Madhur Bhandarkar, fell into a controversy in 2004. An aspiring model, Preeti Jain filed a case against him accusing him of ‘casting couch.’ She accused him of having physically abused her for 5 long years, in the pretext of offering her a role in his films and eventually marrying her.

In January 2006,  on a request made by the Versova Police Station, the magistrate at the Railway Mobile Court in Andheri, classified the case against him as B- Summary, which means that Preeti’s FIR was found to be false during investigations.

After 5 years Priti Jain has again contended that the FIR was not false, and that B-summary is not applicable in rape cases.

On November 11th, the court ruling that her FIR is not false, ordered  Madhur Bhandarkar to stand a trial against her complaint.

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    1. Pravar says:

      Madhur was a very good Director yaar….

    2. Ridhi says:

      Madhur Stricked it again wid Jail…

    3. Kapil says:

      Madhur made it again…

    4. Binjal says:

      Each n every movie of madhur has a new n different topic…

    5. Neha says:

      Jail was an awesome movie…

    6. Greeshma says:

      Jail was the another Hit of Madhur…

    7. khushinahta says:

      Madhur always shows the bitter but fact side of this world

    8. Bhavna says:

      Madhur is an awesome director…

    9. Vijay says:

      I like to watch each n every movie of Madhur

    10. Sayanib says:

      Jail Rocks…

    11. mohan says:

      madhur how are you
      I am a model i want wark
      with you how can please help me


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