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The Incident That Shook the Assembly

The incident is very shocking and dismal. Monday, 9th of November, the very first day of the12th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.The atmosphere was charged. The 288 newly elected legislators were taking their oaths very cautiously, with apprehensions of a mayhem looming at large.

MNS Chief Raj Thackeray had issued an open letter advising the new legislators to take their oath in Marathi, to which Abu Azmi from the Samajwadi Parrty had objected saying that he would take his oath in Hindi which is the National language of the country.

As he started his oath with ‘Main’  instead of ‘Me”( I in Marathi), the MNS brigade consisting of Shishir Shinde ,Ram Kadam,Ramesh Wanjhale and Vasant Gite rushed towards the Dias creating a pandemonium. The podium was uprooted and Abu Azmi was slapped by the MNS workers, who shouted slogans, while the nation watched with shame and remorse.

These are ‘our representatives’, the people chosen by us, to voice our woes in the Legislature, to put forth our grievances before the Executive, or have I forgotten my lessons in Indian Administration.

There is also a section called the preamble in our constitution which incorporates the terms ‘Secular’ and ‘Liberty’. Our Constitution makers must have experienced an upsurge of pride while coining these words. Today these words are obsolete and their meaning forgotten.

Today we hang down our heads in shame on seeing ‘those representstives’garlanded, amidst cheers, reiterating,  that they ‘do not regret their actions and are ready for any sacrifice to uphold the glory of the  ‘Marathi language’and ‘Marathi Manoos’.

This elected glory of Maharashtra the  Mahashtra Navnirman Sena MLAs  are Ram Kadam who offered 25 lakhs for the dahi handi, during Gokulashtami, and won the elections, Ramesh Wanjhale, reputed for wearing nothing less than 2 kgs of gold on himself, Vasant Gite who threatened  North Indian labourers in Mumbai, and Shishir Shinde  infamous for digging the pitch in Wankhede to protest against the Pakistan  tour to India.

The newly elected leaders who must have spent a sleepless night, waiting for the day to dawn as they would be sworn in, were left stunned, embarrassed and disappointed.

“And people thought ours was a progressive and non-violent legislature”, said a young MLA, Nilesh Parvekar from Yavatmal.

This incident has received criticisms from all quarters, some have called it ‘a black day for the Republic and a reproach on the federal structure of the country’ while some have called it the ‘Talibanisation of Maharashtra by MNS workers.’

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