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Vande Mataram- The Controversy

“Singing of Vande Mata Ram is a prayer and against Islamic law as Muslims cannot offer prayers to anyone except Allah. Muslims should not sing Vande Mataram.”This was the fatwa declared by Mufti Ehsan kazmi the deputy-in-charge of Darul Uloom, during the 30th general session  of Jamait-Ulema-e-Hind held on the 2nd of November in Deoband which had re-ignited the issue of accepting ‘Vande Mataram ’as our national song.

It has its origin some years back in 2006. It was the post centenary silver jubilee of that song. Having completed 125 years of its composition, the BJP wanted all institutions and schools to include Vande Mataram as a regular prayer.

This was not appreciated by the clerics who opposed it by saying that although they loved India, they cannot sing Vande Mataram as it interprets India in the form of Goddess Durga.

Not that all Muslims feel the same way.  The National Secularism Front of India and the All India Muslim Tehwar Committee feel that there is nothing provocative about the song or nothing that can hurt the sentiments of any community.

The chairman of AIMTC Osaf Shameeri Khurram said, “Had ‘Vande Mataram’ been un-Islamic, then Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, Maulana Obeidullah Sindhi or martyr Ashfaqullah would not have laid down their lives singing Vande Mataram’.”

Even Muslim women have joined the brigade. Naznin, the President of Muslim Mahila Front in Varanasi who has the translations of many religious Hindu Texts to her credit opinionated, “Who says Islam prohibits worshipping the mother. Instead, it teaches us that if at all there is a heaven, it is at her feet. Spirit of Vande mataram is worshipping mother India which every nationalist must do.”

Founder of the “Art of Living” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was of the opinion that Vande Mataram  is just about respecting one’s country and should not be considered as a song that was meant to create a rift amongst the communities. He had also added that he would talk to the Muslim Clerics on this issue.

After discussing the issue with them, no sooner had the spiritual guru informed that they have softened their stand on the issue, there came a statement by the chief cleric of Darul Uloom, Abdul Khaleque Madrasi, which said. “Contrary to claims that we have changed our view, we clarify that there is no change in our stand on Vande Mataram.”.

Although he added that just as a fatwa could not be enforced on somebody, it was just an opinion on religious matters; similarly the choice of singing the National song should be left to the individual.

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