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Katt Williams 911 Call: Katt Williams 911 Call By 17 Year Old Suspect

Katt Williams 911 call is hot. Katt Williams 911 call is a 911 call made by a 17 year old.  The Katt Williams 911 call contends that Katt Williams wouldn’t let a 17 year old leave his home to go to the airport.  According to TMZ, the Katt Williams 911 call was made at approximately 9 PM on November 3.   Police showed up and no arrests were made, although TMZ contends that the incident is still under investigation. You can listen to the Katt Williams 911 call on or

The Katt Williams 911 call comes 1 day after the Katt Williams arrested for Burglary headlines made news.  Read about Katt Williams’ run-in with the law HERE.  Katt Williams insists that he was not a burglar, he was a guest.  His lawyer states that Katt Williams and an employee staying in the Coweta County Guest House where he’s been staying.

Still, Katt Williams has gone down hill since retiring from stand-up comedy.  Around this time last year, Katt Williams was admitted to the Tuomey Regional Medical Center in California for a psych eval after he made several erratic actions.

He’s very funny, and if you haven’t watched some of his HBO specials, I highly recommend hunting them down.  If you still don’t know who Katt Williams is, but watched the movie “Friday after Next”, he plays the role of “Money Mike” in the show.

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    1. maxine says:

      I listen to the 911 call on played on a local radio morning show…the voice of the alleged 17 year old caller sound very much like Kat Williams….it very pecular that this call was made less than 48 hours after a 911 report was made about him….my theory is…Kat Williams may have been looking for a response from the local police dept. to get a reaction; material he could use in his stand-up act.


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