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Zenyatta Breeders Cup 2009 Video: Zenyatta Breeders Cup Video Shows Amazing Win

The Zenyatta Breeders Cup video 20o9 shows a win.  The Zenyatta Breeders Cup video is a video that Breeders Cup fans should watch, if they didn’t see the Breeders Cup race live.

For those that don’t know, Zenyatta is a horse, and the Breeders Cup is a horse race.  The Breeders Cup 2009 video showing Zenyatta’s amazing win is enough to make anyone a horse-race fan.

The video showcases Zenyatta’s 14th straight win.  She is in the running for Horse of the Year after her last-to-first win.  According to In Entertainment, her trainer, John Shirreffs, had tears in his eyes as she crossed the finish line.

Everyone was cheering for Zenyatta.  The audience took to her and really wanted her to win.  Jockey Mike Smith should also be commended for his sportsmanship during the race, as he has equal footing in the win.

If you haven’t ever been to a horse race, I encourage you to go.  It is an exciting atmosphere and even if you don’t bet on the race you will find yourself drawn to the horses. The suspense is unlike any other, and watching these amazing animals do what they do best is breathtaking.

Another amazing thing to remember about Zenyatta is that she is a mare.  Many of the other contenders in the race were male horses, and seeing a mare beat them is an amazing feat.  See her victory at

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    1. linda suligoy says:

      where can i purchase a tape or cd of zenyatta. also why is she not featured on the cover of drf???????????


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