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101 Ways to Get Kicked out of Walmart: Amusing Ways to Get Kicked out of Walmart Today

101 ways to get kicked out of Walmart are amusing.  I didn’t know there were 101 ways to get kicked out of Walmart. Usually, I go to Walmart to shop and save money, and getting kicked out would ruin my day.

Okay, I can look back at me about 10 years ago.  I was a teenager, and getting kicked out of Walmart would have been “cool”, a “rite of passage” to become “cool” in the eyes of your peers.  Think back to heading to school on a Monday morning, and getting asked “what did you do this weekend?” Answering the question by saying “oh, I got kicked out of Walmart with my friends” would arouse interest in everything you had to say.

So how do you go about getting kicked out of Walmart? The focus should be on the creative, and go past the obvious (and highly illegal) way of trying to shoplift.

You could get kicked out of Walmart by racing electric shopping carts reserved for disabled shoppers. 

You could get kicked out of Walmart by eating fruits and vegetables that are sold by weight.  Eating a box of cookies isn’t likely to get you kicked out of Walmart, because you can simply scan the empty cookie box to pay for your consumed goods.

You could put Walmart lingerie on over your clothes, tuck a towel in the neck of your shirt and chase your friends around. That would get you kicked out for sure, except if management decides to call the men in white suits to pick you up. has an exhaustive list of ways to get you kicked out of Walmart.  However, I recommend just going to Walmart to do your shopping. Trying to be sarcastic, cute, or just plain annoying could land you in handcuffs or a straight jacket.

    3 Responses to “101 Ways to Get Kicked out of Walmart: Amusing Ways to Get Kicked out of Walmart Today”

    1. Luna Lee Eclipse says:

      Im so sorry if things like this bug you but if it truely bothers you enough to rant about it why can’t you just ignore it? And yes I know I too am ranting but this is only because im a 30 year old who would find this amusing and probably join in the fun.
      If your one of the people who just wrinkle there noses in digust when you see someone acting “improper” or “imature” i beg to differ. it makes you look like a jerk and does you no good. it only adds fuel to the fire.

    2. Zeke says:

      as they said above it does you no good to rant about it. just ignore it.

    3. Lasagna Derik says:

      Hahaha if I didn’t know so many people I would so do this…. LOL


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