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Allahu Akbar 1 Big Controversial Term: Did Malik Nadal Hassan Claim “Allahu Akbar” During Fort Hood Shooting?

Allahu Akbar is a religious phrase. Allahu Akbar was made controversial by Malik Nadal Hassan. Was Allahu Akbar claimed by Malik Nadal Hassan? What does Allahu Akbar mean? Many Americans are wondering many things about Allahu Akbar, Malik Nadal Hassan, and the reason behind the Fort Hood Shootings.  Although it will be difficult to know the whole truth until it is revealed, let’s take a look at Allahu Akbar and its meaning.

“Allahu Akbar” and “Allahu Ekber” are similar terms that mean “God is Great.”  Allahu Akbar is an Islamic explanation.  Allahu Akbar is also the national anthym of Libya, and a song by Matoub.

Malik Nadal Hassan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood.  Malik Nadal Hassan is a Muslim, and according to CBS reports he exlaimed “Allahu Akbar” as he was shooting.  So far, there have been 13 deaths and 30 injuries in the Fort Hood attacks.

Allahu Akbar has received a lot of negative press in America.  It is said that the 9/11 attackers exclaimed “Allahu Akbar” during their attacks.  Radical jihadists are said to make the same exclamation when completing suicide attacks.

If Malik Nadal Hassan did in fact exclaim “Allahu Akbar” while completing the Fort Hood shootings, what does that mean? Was his act an act of Jihad, or “Holy War”  or was he just a soldier fed up with the system.  Some reports indicate that he was set for deployment, and was receiving harassment from other individuals of the Muslim faith.  Other rumors circulating include that Malik Nadal Hassan was acting on behalf of a radical group.  Again, those are just rumors.

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