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Attack at Fort Hood: 12 Dead After Fort Hood Shooting, What’s Next?

The attack at Fort Hood is scary. The Fort Hood shooting and Fort Hood attack are horrendous, as 12 Fort Hood residents are dead.  The body count for the attack at Fort Hood and Fort Hood Shooting could be rising.

Today, at least 2 suspects stormed the Fort Hood military base near Austin, Texas.  Fort Hood is home to over 4,000 active duty officers and over 40,000 enlisted military professionals.  Fort Hood also employs about 9,000 civilians.  At least one of the gunmen have been killed.

After the Fort Hood attack, you have to wonder what is next.  Was the attack orchestrated by soldiers fed up with the system, or worse yet – someone that wanted American soldiers dead?  Our questions about the Fort Hood attack have yet to be answered, and many are searching frantically for the newest Fort Hood updates.

The FBI is en route to Fort Hood to help with the investigation.  This factoid is raising a lot of eyebrows, as typically the FBI tries to stay out of military investigations.

The attack at Fort Hood leaves many people questioning: what’s next?  Military bases are supposed to be the safest places in the United States.  Incidences like the Fort Hood shooting should never take place at a military base.

Our hearts go out to the victims of the Fort Hood shootings and the attack at Fort Hood.  Although there is no logical explanation for what happened, hopefully the media will be able to inform concerned citizens about what happened at Fort Hood.

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