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Harlan and Joba Chamberlain after winning the World Series

After the Yankees won the World Series last night, Harlan Chamberlain, father of Joba Chamberlain the pitcher for the Yankees tried to get his son’s attention as he waved a large blue Yankee flag up on the stage in the stadium.  He tried yelling his son’s name, but he couldn’t be heard over the cheers of the crowd.

Harlan and Joba Chamberlain - Associated Press photo
Harlan and Joba Chamberlain – Associated Press photo

 Then Harlan spotted A.J. Burnett in the crowd and yelled,

“Burnett!” “Can you get my son?”  

Burnett heard him and got Joba’s attention.  A few seconds later, Joba Chamberlain put the giant blue Yankee flag down, hopped off the stage, and went over to his father. They embraced in a long, touching bear hug, and when they pulled apart they both had tears in their eyes.  They just kept saying the same thing over and over to each other:

“We did it, dad,” Joba said.

“We did it,” Harlan said.

“We did it,” Joba said.

“We did it,” Harlan said.

For a moment, the world was able to catch a glimpse of that moment when goals and dreams are achieved, and the things that we work for all seem to come together.  Many boys dream of playing baseball and winning the World Series, but very few really make it, but when they do, they think of the people who supported them when they get there….dads, parents, family, and friends.  It was a dream that became reality.

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