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Tropical Storm Ida a Big Caribbean Storm: Could Become Hurricane Ida?

Tropical Storm Ida formed today. Tropical Storm Ida formed in the Caribbean. Could Tropical Storm Ida become Hurricane Ida? Only time will tell.

According to the Associated Press, Tropical Storm Ida is causing Hurricane Watches to pop up around Nicaragua.   Tropical Storm Ida is up to 65 mph winds, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Tropical Storm Ida could bring major flooding and major landslides wherever she makes landfall.  Nicaraguan officials are already taking precautions and making shelters.

Tropical Storm Ida will likely cause evacuations in the coastal city of Bluefields and the towns of Laguna de Perlas, Cruz de Rio Grando and Kukra Hills.

Tropical Storms need to be watched quickly.  As a tropical storm makes its way across warm water, the storm will strengthen.  As a tropical storm strengthens, it could turn in to a full-blown hurricane.

Whether or not Tropical Storm Ida will turn in to Hurricane Ida has yet to be seen.  We can only cross our fingers and hope for the best. However, those that live in the path of the storm should evacuate if encouraged by local authorites.  As mentioned before, Tropical Storm Ida will bring forth a lot of flooding and potential landslides.

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