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10 Bodies Found: Authorities Found 10 Bodies Inside Cleveland Serial Killer’s Home

10 bodies found? 10 bodies were found inside a home in Cleveland. 10 bodies were found, and the 10 bodies found are victims of the Cleveland Serial Killer.

The Cleveland Serial Killer is Anthony Sowell.  Anthony Sowell is a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. Since he is a registered sex offender, he must make regular contact with the police. No one ever thought that a search of Anthony Sowell’s home would lead to 10 bodies found.

One of Anthony Sowell’s victims escaped.  She is the one that alerted authorities that she was raped at the home.  Authorities searched the home and found 10 bodies. They also found a human skull.  They are expanding their search to vacant homes around the area, and plan on knocking the walls in the home down to see if they can find more bodies.

Neighbors have been complaining of a foul odor in the area.  A nearby cheese and sausage processing plant had to put in a new sewer because the citizens of the area thought the stench was from the plant. Not so.  The 10 bodies found inside Anthony Sowell’s home were what were making the smell so horrible.

The Cleveland Serial Killer preyed on transients and drug users.  This is partially how Anthony Sowell got away with having 10 dead bodies in his home.

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