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Ohio Voting Results 2009: Issue 2 Ohio Results 2009

Ohio voting results 2009, particularly Issue 2 Ohio results are hot.  Ohio voting results 2009 and Issue 2 Ohio results are among the many voting results that so many people are concerned about today.

Ohio voting results 2009 indicate that soon Ohio will be able to have Vegas style casinos in their very own state due to the passage of Issue 3 during the 2009 November elections.  Those who supported Issue 3 in the Ohio 2009 elections estimate that casinos will bring 34,000 jobs to the state.

Issue 2 Ohio results deal with livestock.  Unofficial results show that Issue 2 is passed.  This means that the state of Ohio will set up a Livestock Care Standards Board. The board will write standards that must be followed.

Issue 1 in Ohio was also supported during 2009.  Voting results indicate that a constitutional amendment will be passed. This amendment will give bonuses to Ohio residents that served during the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq conflicts.  Those who saw action will see $100 per month of service up to $1,000.  Families of veterans killed will receive $5,000 and those who were noncombatant will get $50 per month of service up to $500.

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