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Virginia Governor Race Results Announcement Bob McDonnell Wins Virginia Governor Race

Virginia governor race results are in.  Virginia governor race results and Bob McDonnell are headline makers. Virginia election results are important to many – even those outside of Virginia.

For the first time in 8 years a Republican has won the VA governor race.  This is an important implication and shows politicians how their constituents can change their mind at any time.

The VA governor race was one of the three top November 2009 election races watched.  The 2009 elections are said to serve as some form of indication of how the 2010 mid-term elections will be.

People are tired of the current Administration.  That’s not to say that Democratic leadership is bad.  It’s just to say that people have always wanted change, but the change that they have been given isn’t good enough. 

The Virginia governor race results that indicate that Bob McDonnell won the first Republican governorship in 8 years is very strong. Maybe this will be enough to make sure that those charged with making our decisions know that they have to keep our interests at hand, lest they lose their positions.

The Virginia Governor race results are the first of many of the highly anticipated races to be called.  Will the night end in a Republican sweep? Only time will tell.

    2 Responses to “Virginia Governor Race Results Announcement Bob McDonnell Wins Virginia Governor Race”

    1. tom rigg says:

      your comment about keeping your constituents interests at hand is pretty misleading. Kaine has had to make a lot of tough decisions about the economy and the Virginia infrastructure that quite often wouldn’t have sat well with many people either way he decided. You imply that because we are changing governing parties we are tired of the way things are being run, but if you look at the history of Virginia elections, we almost always elect a governor who is not of the same party as the presiding president at the time of our election. Kaine and Warner were both elected under the presidency of Bush. Gilmore and Allen were under Clinton and Wilder was under Reagan. Before you editorialize the meaning of the Virginia stae outcome perhaps it would be appropriate to offer the perspective that we have been a swing state on the local and state level for quite a long while and that the fact that we voted democrat nationally and then republican statewide doesn’t necessarily imply dissent or dissatisfaction.

    2. CDR says:

      I think the major issue is the same people who voted for the President, didn’t come out to vote for the Governor. It is sad to say, but some people think that electing your representative of your own state isn’t just as important as electing the President. The Governor’s election is just as important. If those same people would have came out the poles would have absolutley been different. Of course, that’s just my own opinion.


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