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New Jersey Election Results: NJ Governor Race Anticipation Builds

New Jersey election results for the NJ governor race is hot. The New Jersey election results for NJ governor race will undoubtedly be highly anticipated, as voters and politicians see if Republicans are gaining ground against the democrats.

Currently, voting locations for the NJ governor race are closed, and the votes must be counted.  As this article is written, the votes are only 2% counted with the Republican candidate in the lead.

Why do people all across the country care about the New Jersey election results and the NJ governor race? The NJ governor race is one of the top 3 anticipated races in the country because if the Republican contender wins, it will be the first time since 1997 that a Republican held the New Jersey governorship.

The results of the New Jersey election results are important because they will show politicians what their constituents want.  People are tired of the political drama going on in recent months. People are fed up and want to voice exactly what it is that they want.

While it is entirely possible that the New Jersey governor race will end in a Democrat victory, most are anticipating that the New Jersey election results will indicate a Republican victory for the first time since 1997.

    14 Responses to “New Jersey Election Results: NJ Governor Race Anticipation Builds”

    1. Mike says:

      The Conservatives Strike back!

    2. Jim says:

      The conservative revolt has begun! Honest, hard working, decent, law abiding Americans have been far too tolerant for too many years and allowed the leftist hippies to advance their socialist/markist agenda. We have had enough and we are not going to take it anymore!

      The MAJORITY of Americans which voted in the Presidential election DID NOT vote for the Socialist Party and TODAY we begin their demise. Let’s run them out on a rail!!!!!!!!

    3. Christian says:

      It’s Marxist. Anyway, please continue your revolt.

    4. dumn founded says:

      busch runs up 2 3 hundred billion of debt in 8 yrs … cant you see how effective the dems are they can do twice as much in months

      • John says:

        Oh your words are so true. How large is our deficit now? No one will even buy our countries bonds! China(who owns over 3/4’s of us at this point)won’t even purchase bonds, further more they made a few visits to ensure their “investments” were secure. It looks like we can look forward to inflation with all the money we’re spending on horrid projects(like the 300 million set aside in the stimunlus plan to purchase new government fleet vehicles). I hope everyone has ordered “How to Speak Manderine” from Rosetta Stone.

        ****Socialism is basically taking your hard earned money and sharing it with underachievers!!!!!*****

    5. hopefull says:

      how many people watch “24” and hope there are really people like that out there…the ones on our side

    6. S. Martin says:

      I don’t know why people don’t like COrzine. He is an honest, decent guy. He didn’t need to do this. He takes a dollar salary. Ihope he wins.

    7. Steve says:

      Have you graduated 8th grade yet?

    8. bergen says:

      Corzine is just as bad as Florio. Remember Florio. Increasing taxes on everything never helps the economy or the hard working people of NJ.

    9. pat says:

      Christy is a Bush appointed piece of garbage. That fat bastard won’t make it through the first 2 years without a heart attack. Watch your taxes continue to go up Repubs. Rant and rave all you want about “socialism” and “Marxism”. 99% of you understand neither however embraced a near Fascist regime under W.

      • John says:

        Pat, what is so difficult to grasp, the fact that Corzine flat out lied about everything he was going to accomplish. Or the fact the the Dem’s have single handedly destroyed most of this state by expanded cushy state job’s while the private sector has been depleted of jobs. It’s simply a mo brainer state employee’s don’t generate taxable revenue for said state.

        Further more instead of spearheading flat out waste, he tried to cut Emergency servicemen pension’s (ie. firemen/piloce officers/emt’s), threw money out the window for road projects and the infamous $10,000 “Recovery” construction signs. When everyone flipped out about losing their homestead rebates Corzine magically found the millions of dollars to suddenly send the rebates out. Oh he’s so majestic, I can see now why everyone loved him!

        Yeah, how great would it be to have privatized toll roads with no pricing regulation and one hundred year leases!!! Again, an absolute mastermind!!!

        Thank you for setting my mind straight….

    10. Mikey says:

      I deplore anyone who comes to power and plays the blame-game. That we are cleaning a mess. You don’t add more mess to a mess if you are cleaning a mess, period. you knew for many years that there is a mess. You promised to clean it up. No sane leaders will clean a mess by making it more messy. If you stlii can’t stand up to the heat, then please get out of the kitchen. A BAD WORKMAN ALWAYS QUARRELS WITH HIS TOOLS.

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