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Coins for Anything Makes Custom Coins

Navy Mother Coins sells for $8.99

Navy Mother Coins sells for $8.99

Jeffrey Morin’s Coins for Anything business brings in $5,000,000 a year.  Morin has made many changes over the last few years to his business and they have helped to make him more successful.    

Coins for Anything sell’s Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army metals; the coins cost anywhere from $9 to $16. Some coins have unusual shapes and features. Special order coins can also be ordered with their own artwork (minimum quantity 100 coins, $2.20 per coin).

Morin has successfully expanded his coin business to include weddings, sports teams, and corporations such as Starbucks, Delta Air Lines and United Parcel Service. He hired a web designed, and changed his company name from Marine Corps Coins to Coins for Anything. He now offers trophies, pins and lanyards.

Coins for Anything generates about $5 million in revenue. Business costs include product for $2.5 million, payroll is $500,000 for 16 employees, and rent is $7,000 a month for a 4,000-square-foot headquarters in a Stafford office park. And Google gets about $1 million a year.

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