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Michael Jackson’s This is It wins at the box office and in reviews


This is It

This is It

For the first week in the box office, Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie won the number one spot at the box office this weekend, and the horror phenomenon Paranormal Activity came in second place.

This is It collected a total of $101 million so far and it easily breaks the record for a documentary about a concert, but the concert promoter predicted it would make $250 million.

Initially, This is It was scheduled to run for two weeks, but Sony who purchased the movie for $60 million announced this weekend that it will remain in theaters at least until Thanksgiving.

The reviews so far for This is It have been good, and many reviewers have said that the movie was put together in a meaningful way.  There are sad and happy parts to it and it seems that it would make Michael Jackson proud.  More than 4700 reviews from fans posted their thoughts on and 87% liked it, and 80% of the movie critics on that same site liked it.

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