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Streaming Halloween Music and Scary Halloween Videos

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Streaming Halloween music and scary halloween videos

The kids are trick or treating and you are enjoying Halloween night with friends.  Halloween streaming music is perfect for your party, or you can play scary Halloween videos to set the right mood.  Here are a few sites that play Halloween music, spooky sounds, and Halloween videos.  You can play them during your party tonight:

Here is a fun site that has streaming Halloween music and Halloween videos (Monster Mash, Werewolves of London, Thriller, Jeepers Creepers, etc.)

Mahalo Halloween Videos, Pictures and Music

AOL and CBS Radio have a combined site that offers live streaming holiday music that is sure to be a hit

Player Play it has live streaming Halloween music

This site has a variety of stations you can choose from that play spooky sounds and streaming music (and if you choose to play it through your own player and have iTunes…it will play through that).

About Radio Stations

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