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Japanese Child From Surrogate Mom

India is the emerging technical and industrial hub in the World now. Alongside all this it is also gaining the distinction of becoming the place to look for if you need surrogate mothers.

The recent case is of the Japanese infant who was born of an Indian surrogate mother in Ahmedabad but is caught in alegal battle which puts her nationality at stake. Her Japanese biological parents have divorced and the mother has denied accepting the child.

The father, with his aged mother, had reached India to take custody of the child but was told that she would not be given a Japanese passport as she was born in India. Only an Indian passport and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Indian Government would enable the Japanese Embassy to issue the child her rightful passport.

But in India a passport is linked to the mother and since the biological mother has refused to accept the child the situation beceomes tricky. The father cannot adopt the child as it would be difficult to take custody of her being a single parent.

So the situation seems really very bleak and the hapless father had to return tyo Japan empty handed leaving the child’s grandmother, who understands no English, behind. Archaic adoption laws and a pending bill regarding surrogate motherhood and the child’s subsequent identity have made things difficult for many.

It seems that the politicians of the country are only busy telling on each other and trying to prove who is the worst of the lot. Things of the State and Country can definitely wait for another time.

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