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Trick or Treat Times 2009



Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Trick or treating is fun for kids and they truly look forward to it every year. They love dressing up and showing off, but most of all they love the candy. Trick or treating usually starts early for the youngest kids around 6 pm, and the kids who are a little older may start around 7 pm, and the oldest kids (and adults!) usually go around 8 pm.


Malls are generally good places to get a lot of candy in a short period of time, indoor malls are great on nights that are cold.

Tips for trick or treating are:

If someone’s porch light is on this means they have a lot of candy to give out. If the porch light is out they are either not home or out of candy. Each child usually takes one or two pieces of candy.

The kids should have some type of reflective clothing on either on their person or on their trick or treat bag.

If you are giving out candy, it is best to have individually wrapped pieces and do not give out homemade food items. Parents have to be careful about what their children are consuming and that it is safe. And parents will not let their children eat homemade food unless they know you.

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