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Advisory For H1 Dependents

Chennai: The US consulate in Chennai on Monday issued a safety advisory to women going to the US on dependent visa. A pamphlet, handed to every woman, provides detailed information on resources and support available to victims of abuse in the country.

The initiative comes after a recent case of domestic violence faced by a young woman from Tamil Nadu married and settled in the US. The pamphlet is available in both Tamil and Telugu.

The first pamphlet was presented to Tamil Nadu Minister of Social Welfare Poongothai by Consul General David T Hopper at a special ceremony at the consulate. The consulate also observed the day as ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’.

“Here in Chennai, the US consulate is determined to do whatever we can to eliminate violence against women,” Hopper said.

“We have identified the visa application process as one opportunity. Our consular officers issue more visas to dependents of foreign students and temporary workers in the US than any other post in the world,” he added.

“Occasionally, some of these dependents, almost always women, later become victims of domestic violence or even violence committed by strangers.”

“I encourage and urge every women going to the US to keep hold of this pamphlet along with their passport just in case they may need it in their life time,” Poongothai said.

Last week, a 23-year MBA graduate from Tiruchirapally, Smalin Jenita, married to an Infosys employee working in the US, was allegedly thrown out of a moving car by her husband and in-laws. She was pregnant and was being harassed for dowry.
She was rescued from the roadside and taken to a hospital where she remained for weeks until a Pakistani doctor contacted her parents.

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