Elvira Pictures: Awesome Elvira Pictures and Elvira’s History

Elvira pictures are sexy. Elvira pictures are a Halloween favorite, as Elvira pictures help those dressing as Elvira tonight for many Halloween parties put together the perfect Halloween costume.

Elvira is the “hostess with the mostess” that hosted the 1980s TV show Movie Macabre.  In this TV show, Elvira mocked bad horror films and even made many comments about her big chest.

Elvira is the alter-ego of actress Cassandra Peterson. Her Elvira character was very successful, and while many tried to mimic Movie Macabre, none had the same success.  Movie Macabre became syndicated and Elvira became a popular household name.

I don’t know what’s more alluring about Elvira pictures – her cleavage or her big hair.  Perhaps it’s her gothic makeup, but then again it could be her long, black nails or her long dress with a slit up the side.

Elvira pictures graced the big screen in movies such as the 1988 hit Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and 2001’s Elvira’s Haunted Hills.

Elvira is also successful. She was the first spokeswoman for a beer company, the first person to create a 3-D music video, and is the #1 B-Movie queen.

During Halloween each and every year, people like to look at Elvira pictures.  The Elvira pictures show us a very unique Halloween character that has been very popular for the last 3 decades.

Want to see some Elvira Pictures? Here are some links:

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