Today Show Halloween Costumes 2009: Today Show Cast Wears Halloween Costumes in 2009

Today Show Halloween costumes 2009 were anticipated. The Today Show Halloween costumes 2009 did not disappoint viewers.  The Halloween costumes worn by the Today Show staff were simply amazing.

The Today Show staff dressed up as Star Wars characters.  The Today Show cast had a let up on all the other Star Wars fans that desired Chewbacca and Yoda costumes this year.  The Today Show Halloween costumes 2009 were provided by George Lucas himself.

 My personal favorite Today Show Halloween costume for 2009 was Yoda.  I always loved Yoda, as he is my favorite Star Wars character.

 Although the Today Show cast wore their Star Wars Halloween costumes a day early, they didn’t disappoint.  Of course, for the most part the most amazing thing about the Halloween costumes were that they were very authentic.

 This year’s “Halloween on the Plaza” was a huge success.  Kathy Lee Gifford marched through the plaza dressed as C-3PO.  Meredith Vieira was dressed as the infamous Princess Leah.  Who was Luke Skywalker? Matt Lauer.

 The Today Show rendition of Star Wars was almost as star-studded as the original cast.  The cast had as much fun creating the special as we have had watching them afterwards.  The Today Show Halloween Costumes 2009 are not to be missed, and can be seen on the official Today Show Web site.

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