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Little Buddy Tracker

Little Buddy Tracker

Little Buddy Tracker

The Little Buddy Tracker will keep track of your child with a GPS tracking system when you can’t always be there.  This little device is meant to keep in child’s backpack, lunchbox or clothes and keeps a GPS location where he or she is at all times. 

Insignia makes the Little Buddy Tracker is a portable GPS tracker, then you can keep track of where your child is on a web based map.

The Little Buddy Tracker also a built in alert to let you know when the battery is running low, so it can be changed without service interruption. The Little Buddy Tracker sells for $99.99 at Best Buy.

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    1. Joe M says:

      Yes, with the number of children that go missing each year, every parent should use a personal GPS tracking device, but you dont have to be a parent to need or benefit from owning one of these devices. Motorcycles, skis, musical instruments, laptop computers, purses & luggage, even the family dog: EVERYBODY has SOMETHING they want to protect!!!

      When considering the purchase of a tracking device, do your homework because not all GPS systems are alike. Aside from features such as Geofencing, speed-alerts and so on, the one thing you really need to look into is the COST. Most GPS devices I’ve looked into have HIDDEN costs such as monthly/annual renewal fees or charge you per track ontop of the purchase price. When I called Best-Buy to get more info on the “Little Buddy” they couldn’t even tell what the OTHER costs of thier system were.

      I ended up buying a system called “The GPS Guadian” at . Not only did I get the device for FREE by purchasing 3 years of service up front, but I got the 4th and 5th year of service for FREE as well.


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