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John O’Quinn died in car crash (video and photo)

John O'Quinn's SUV

John O'Quinn's SUV

John O’Quinn of Houston died this morning when his Suburban crashed into a tree.  John O’Quinn, 68 was a prominent attorney and has represented several high profile cases including lawsuits against breast implants, hazardous drugs and tobacco products, and he was prosecuted for how be obtained cases.  He was once found in contempt of court for sleeping in the court room.

Police said that the SUV lost control, jumped the curb, went airborne and crashed into a tree.  Watching the video below (see link), it looks as though the SUV was almost sliced down the middle and cut in half. 

A witness at the scene told the police that the SUV appeared to be speeding when it lost control.

O’Quinn represented Anna Nicole Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur over the fate of Smith’s body.

O’Quinn was named one of the “100 Most Influential Lawyers in America” by the National Law Journal, and one of the five best trial lawyers of the past century by the Houston Chronicle.

To see a video of the SUV crashed into the tree, click here.

    13 Responses to “John O’Quinn died in car crash (video and photo)”

    1. Mrs.Marple says:

      Virgie Arthur has just lost her cash cow aka John O’Quinn, ESQ. I hope Virgie Arthur’s longtime quest for Marshall millions will be over.
      Virgie, Marshall money is a PIPE DREAM, return to your Texas trailer park. You will not have control and custody over little cash cow aka Dannielynn either.

      • Chalkout line says:

        I totally agree , oh what will she do now.

      • Mrs Marple says:

        This is the most repulsive remark I have ever read in my life! I love John O’Quinn and admired everything about this wonderful man! He was a Giant of a Texan and should be granted nothing but praise! I am so deeply saddened by his passing and my heart just breaks that some evil person would rob my tag name and post such a repugnant post.

        God Bless O’Q and all of those that loved him. He will be greatly missed!

    2. Somebody who knows you says:

      Emmet How disrespectful. Maybe OQ’s friends and family will read your hateful thoughts. You are despicable.

      • Emmett says:

        How DARE you blame me for that remark! It is 6:07AM, Central, and I am just now learning about the tragedy. I found this site because it was linked on Topix.

        I hope others will see just how hateful you are for blaming me for writing that disgusting comment.

        God rest John O’Quinn’s soul.

    3. DD says:

      Can we say DUI ???

    4. Carole says:

      How sad that you use another’s monikers to spew your hatred. God Speed John O’Quinn. Thank you for everything you’ve done for so many.

    5. chalkoutline says:

      Whoever is making these hateful comments using other bloggers
      nics is a despicable, no class coward. Typical of the brain dead type of losers that support stern.

      My condolences to the friends and families of both victims
      of this tragedy.

    6. Daisy says:

      Rest in Peace John. Thank you for all you did for humanity. God Speed.

    7. Whack A Mole says:

      Hey, puke breath. Don’t be using other bloggers names to further your agenda. What a tacky little piece of work you are. I’ve sent a copy of this wonderful little article to the law firm. I’m sure they will appreciate it. Meanwhile, why not grab a dictionary and find some other names to post under instead of stealing other peoples names?

      My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Mr. O’Quinn. He did a tremendous amount of good during his life, and he will be missed. Unlike the creator of this piece of crap, Mr. O’Quinn was a man of honor and integrity.

      Whoever started this tacky little site should be ashamed.

    8. Lucky says:

      I hope my Howie baby didn’t do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Donna Zabodyn says:

      John O’Quinn took on a case for me in the early to mid 80’s that was brought to him by my first attorney. It went on for over 20 years. We had our differences at times but he fought hard for me and the damages I suffered at the hands of a negligent Dr. My husband and I sat many hours in his offices and five weeks in a court room with him . I was impressed to say the least.Emotionally it drained me. He always had a cheerful word or a hug and some pep talks to get me on the right path again. He once called himself in a Christmas card he wrote to me my hero and champion. I did always put him on a pedestal. He had that black wavy hair and those sparkling eyes and contaigous smile. Our last meeting in 1999 was a coming together to resolve some issues. I saw a man sit across the table from me with tears in his eyes. He knew I forgave him and he me for our differences. My heart was breaking in two as my Father in law phoned us here in NC to tell us of the terrible tragedy there in Houston. People should not make nasty remarks as I have seen here. My heart goes out to his friends, colleages and family. And Johnny his passenger. I remember him from a long time back. He used to take us places and pick us up for court , etc . The sweetest man you could ever ask for. My heart goes out to his family and friends also. I can’t imagine the chaos and grief and emptiness the staff must feel at the offices. I know this office will pull together and support and help one another until things are sorted out. My prayers go out to everyone of you who loved this man. R.I.P. John M. O’ Quinn
      A sad day too since it was the year anniversary of losing my oldest brother last year due to brain cancer. Now on this day I will remember two great men that entered into my life.

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