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Track Map Chicago Tornado

I am starting this thread to track the Chicago Tornado, related news, any warnings and providing maps eventually. This is a potential national emergency.

It all started with a storm which led to the met department issuing warnings in downtown Chicago and eventually the evacuation of fans from the Wrigley field. Surprisingly, I heard nothing about it from the regular news channel so far I have been watching.

Also, note that the warning being sounded is a bit preliminary as the tornado may not even touch down in Chicago but its always better to be prepared. Hope for Sunshine, prepare for rain should be the credo.

Tornado sirens have been echoing through Chicago downtown to warn the residents to take precautions.

Given the bad weather, its going to be a bad time to be flying in or out of Chicago. I am pretty sure, given the situation, Chicago airport must be shut down or a whole lotta flights must be canceled out of there.

And if your flight is still flying, unless it is extremely urgent, shelve all your plans to fly.

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    1. anne meyer says:

      thanks for keeping us posted. we have a daughter living on 29th floor at erie and state and all we know about in florida is hurricanes. so the more info the better. thanks again

    2. Troy says:

      Anne, you are welcome. Keep us posted about your situation and hope everything comes out fine from this extreme weather situation.

    3. Narel says:

      We had the sirens going off at our house on Saturday night, since there was one on the gonrud about 15 or 20 miles to our south and west (putting us in its direct path), but received only moderate rain from the whole event.They are damned weird storms, though. They pop up out of nowhere sometimes, confirmed by some of the radar pics from the events.Always have to be careful this time of year with the weather.


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