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Bob Griese Suspended

Bob Griese

Bob Griese

Bob Griese, ESPN college football analyst (and an NFL Hall of Famer) has been suspended for one week by ESPN after a racist comment he made on Saturday about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

During the Ohio State vs Minnesota game, ESPN ran a NASCAR graphic and Chris Spielman said that he wondered where Montoya was, since his name was not in the Top 5 on the graphic. 

Bob Griese responded with, “He’s was out having a taco.”  The entire conversation was live.

Hence, the week’s suspension.

    4 Responses to “Bob Griese Suspended”

    1. Ricardo Sanchez says:

      Unfair for Griese to make a taco remark and get screwed, while TV en Espanol shows racist comedy all the time, here in the USA, for example, google MEXMUNDOVISION for a taste of ‘comedy’ blasting the African race.

    2. johno says:

      If he was an Italian driver, and Griese said he’s out having a pizza, would it be racist? Pleeeeaasseee…enough already.

    3. jack bradley says:

      I’m Norweigen. If he said “he’s out having Lutefisk”, I would think it was great. We are just watching this freedom of speech country of ours go down the drain…………jb

    4. Sid says:

      I love the Morweigen commemt. It could have been worst ….he could have said the driver was out having an interview with the liberal media.


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