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Bob Griese Nascar Comment

Bob Griese made a nasty comment today. I am being politically correct here but I think on a serious channel like ESPN you don’t have any other option. People switch this channel to watch nothing by unfiltered sports and they definitely do not want to hear any colored commentary.

For this is what Bob Griese made on the ESPN panel during the time when Ohio was playing another team. This is how the sequence of events unfolded here. During the discussion somebody asked the whereabouts of Juan Pablo Montoya and Bob Griese without thinking remarked that he is out eating Taco.


How can you make such an offensive statement on air. Of course we all say and do stupid things now and then but I wont be surprised if many Americans are secretly snickering at this incident. But still in public we have to put on our civilized facade.

What do you guys make out of it? Do you think it warrants any extra attention now that Bob Griese duly apologized after the show?

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