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Bob Griese Juan Pablo Montoya Comments

Bob Griese Comments

Bob Griese Comments

Bob Griese, who is a commentator for ESPN during the televised broadcast of football games got himself into a bit of a pickle today. Or should be say taco?

Here is how the surreal events unfolded today. While the Ohio and Minnesota were playing Bob Griese made a comment about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya that went something like, Juan Pablo Montoya is out eating taco. This remark came when somebody asked where is Juan Pablo Montoya.

Its a politically incorrect remark and last thing ESPN wants is to be the ONION online. ESPN made Bob Griese apologize for the remark and themselves also commented on this issue saying they are sorry about it.

Bob Griese realized within the broadcast that he made a faux pas and should probably make amends. So by the end of the show, Bob had this to say about Juan Pablo Montoya, Juan is one of the best drivers in NASCAR. I just want to say I am sorry about the comment I made earlier in the ballgame.

What do you think about it. Do you think that the remarks are offensive and whether Bob’s apology is sufficient. Put your comments below.

    5 Responses to “Bob Griese Juan Pablo Montoya Comments”

    1. FriPilot says:

      Time for some sensitivity training for old Bob.

    2. carla says:

      I think his apology should be efficent.. He might have said he was out getting a taco BUT truth be told he could have said Montoya should be out picking coffee beans instead of driving for nascar.

    3. Dale says:

      Are you serious, get a life. People are to thin skined these days. The comment was in no way offensive PERIOD.

    4. Melissa says:

      It was an idiotic comment for many reasons. Montoya is Columbian not Mexican. Plus he is one of the most talented drivers in Nascar and deserves more than a snicker and lame joke from an old football player reduced to needing extra cash by commenting on college games. Wonder why he’s not commentating for the NFL? Now you know.

    5. papo says:

      I think if he is going to make comments he should at least be suere what he is talking about, he supose to be a profetional, or a little more educated.


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