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Hannity and Colmes Fight

I have been watching this show for a few days since it follows right after Bill O’ Reilly. (Not that I need to give any reasons here). I started appreciating Ol’ dyed in the wool conservative and republican Bill a bit after he started peppering his judgment on Obama with a few favorables.

This basically showed that he is not uniformly against a certain personality but based on certain single incidents he passes the comment.

Ludicrous has come out with an anti McCain song but which speaks in favor of Obama. Since the song was a bit too slanted against the Republican candidate, even to the extent of saying really harsh words, Obama categorically criticized Ludicrous for this.

Bill appreciated the remark from Obama campaign but some questions were still raised (by some dumb columnist) about the sincerity.

Even when Obama skipped the Rammstien base in Germany and got a heavy rap for it from the Republican camp, Reilly supported Obama on the show saying the issue presents a clear dilemma. You go and you are damned for using wounded soldiers as a means to prop up your campaign. If you don’t go then also you are damned, and he cited his own example of visiting wounded soldiers in Iraq and being criticized for using it to increase the ratings of his show.

Bill ends up surprising you and there is no doubt about it.

Unlike that Hannity guy, who, even before he opens his mouth, you know whats coming – another same tirade against Obama. Obama went to Germany and attracted a huge audience. But all Hannity could manage on the next day was, since Europeans are socialists and they like Obama, ergo Obama must be socialist as well. Gimme a break.

Next day, Hannity changed his litany to more Obama bashing without much substance. In fact substance is always lacking on his show.

Also, is there some silent feud going on between Hannity and Colmes? Sensing from the vibes one gets from the show, I think something is in the offing. Do we have a television version of the Mike and the mad dog fighting coming up here pretty soon?

The fact that Colmes is missing these days from the show seems to be helping the rumor vine as well.

The first time Colmes went missing, Fox substituted him for a drag queen, who it seems spends all of her off-air time smoking her lungs out.

And was she born dumb or became that way? Doing chit chat with top notch political commentator Luntz about his being her neighbor and what not instead of asking relevant political questions.

Luntz handled her stupidity quite well by steering the conversation back to the subject at hand immediately. Air time seems expensive going by the way they cram all those ads and here is this drag wasting the time.

I am glad they chucked her out after second day itself.

Hannity leaves no doubt about his partisan political leanings, but it would be smarter if he focused equally on pushing the strong points of Republican party instead of just trashing the Democratic party nominee 99.99% of the time in a manner that leaves no doubt in the viewers mind about Hannity’s intelligence levels.

Hannity can speak non stop doesn’t mean he speaks any sense.

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