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Steve Phillips and Brooke Handley scandal (photo)

Steve Phillips and Brooke Handley

Steve Phillips and Brooke Handley

Steve Phillips, 46 the former Mets general manager recently ended an affair with ESPN analyst Brooke Hundley. Hundley, 22 also worked at ESPN and according to Phillips was upset about the break-up and a series attention drawing acts to make sure everyone knew they had the affair.

Brooke Hundley called Marni Phillips (his wife) several times and said she had information about her husband, and sent a very detailed letter explaining the affair. Hundley also asked Phillips’ sons on Facebook very inappropriate questions. She also crashed into a pillar outside the Phillips’ home after leaving the letter.

Marni has filed for divorce, and Phillips who is currently a baseball analyst at ESPN took a leave of absence, and recently made a public apology to his family and stated that this is a personal issue and he will not be commenting on it anymore. The initial leave of absence was suppose to be for a week, but may need to be extended because of the media attention.

There are copies of a restraining order that Hundley filed against Phillips that in a hand written notes states that he began the three week affair and tried to get her to sleep with him, and at some point she gave in. Then according to Hundley, he began to calling her the office slut. In the restraining order, she requests that he refrain from having any contact with her.

Copies of the divorce papers that Marni Phillips filed have been obtained by Entertainment Tonight, in which she states that the “marriage has broken down irretrievably.” She requests custody of the kids, child support, alimony, attorney’s fees and educational support. To view a copy of Hundley’s letter to Marni and the statements, click here.

The New York Post has a copy of the letter Hundley sent to Marni Phillips, copies of statements made to police by Steve and Marni Phillips, and a statement from their teenage son. To view those documents, click here.

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