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Balloon Boy charges

Heene Family on Wife Swap

Heene Family on Wife Swap

In a press conference last night, the police stated that criminal charges will be filed against Richard Heene for Thursday’s incident involving 6 year old Falcon Heene, who was thought to be inside a floating weather balloon that floated over 50 miles across the state of Colorado on Thursday, and captivated a nationwide audience.

Richard Heene was expected to have his own press conference last night at 7:30 pm from his home, but instead, was at the police station being questioned during that time.  According to the sheriff, Mr. and Mrs. Heene were being questioned for almost eight hours yesterday.

The sheriff’s department stated: “We anticipate criminal charges will be filed sometime in the near future.”  The local sheriff department is expected to file its criminal charges for filing a false police report, but they are also talking to federal agencies to see if federal charges will also be filed (because of the search and rescue efforts that were expended).  Search warrants have also been issued, and last night the police went though the Heene’s home. 

Richard Heene has stated repeatedly that this was not a hoax. He has stated that he honestly believed that his son was in that weather balloon, and when they discovered no one was inside he thought that Falcon had fallen out. 

On Thursday night, Falcon Heene in a live CNN interview when asked why he didn’t come out when he heard people calling his name, responded: “We did this for the show.”

The local sheriff’s department announced that there will be a press conference on Sunday with more information.

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