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Highland Mangabey

Back in 2005, a new spieces of monkey was discovered in Tanzania and labeled as Highland Mangabey. Even for Africa, this was a first in 20 years.

But now guess what. Within a span of what 3 years, there are fears that this spieces of monkeys may already be on their way to extinction.

MSN is report that:

A monkey species discovered only three years ago could soon go extinct in its tiny forest home in Tanzania, say conservation scientists. The kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji and also known as the Highland Mangabey) was discovered in 2005 in the Southern Highlands and Udzungwa Mountains in Tanzania. In 2006, genetic analyses revealed the species represented an entire new genus of primate — the first since 1923.

Wow, are we humans beating ourselves again when it comes to habitat preservation. The reason for such a dire scenario is because of illegal logging and encroachment of the monkey habitat.

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