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Walmart Money Card

Walmart Money Card

Walmart Money Card

Walmart offers a prepaid Visa money card where you can load money onto the card and then use it as a Visa credit card.  There are no loading fees, but a monthly fee does apply.  The fees for the Walmart Money Card use to be higher, but have been reduced to just $3.00.  It is by far the cheapest money card out there.

The Walmart Money card can be purchased at any Walmart location.  A bank account or credit check is not needed.  The card is then activated with a phone call. 

For more information: Walmart Money Card


    4 Responses to “Walmart Money Card”

    1. Carmen says:

      We’ve had a Walmart Money Card for a few months now. I’ve never seen a fee for $16.59 or $21.54. It was just $3 to buy the card and $3 to load it. We got direct deposit, so now there is no fee for that. I was looking around for info on card protections, so far I’ve found this: That’s VISA’s zero liability program. Walmart Money card has the VISA logo.

    2. Lynn says:

      Why pay for the card at all? Why not just carry money? To pay a company for the pleasure of having their “card” seems a little bizarre to me. If you’ve got a bank account, why not get the bank debit card…no fee for that–at least where I bank. $3 a month looks like it could add up over however long you’re planning to use that thing. What’s the point, please?


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