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Balloon Boy Saturday Press Conference

Heene Family on Wife Swap

Heene Family on Wife Swap

Richard Heene informed the media that he would make a “big announcement” this morning, but when the media arrived it wasn’t an announcement at all. Falcon Heene is the 6-year-old boy who was missing for a few hours on Thursday, and he thought in be inside the space like aircraft weather balloon that floated across Colorado. But when the craft landed, no one was in inside.  The boy hid in a garage attic for a few hours because he thought his dad was angry with him.

At 10 am MST Saturday morning, Richard Heene walked out of his home to address the media, said he would like questions to be placed in a cardboard box, and that he would answer the questions tonight at 7:30 pm at a press conference. The only question he answered this morning was if Falcon’s disappearance was a hoax.

“This was absolutely not a hoax,” Heene said. “I want your questions in the box,” then he walked back inside the house.

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