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Code Geass R2 16

Yet another level of Code Geass (Code Geass R2 16) is now out in the public. This is an extremely popular animie that has all the characteristics of Japan but is still somewhat popular in US.

I, for one, have never been able to get into their world and start liking them. But I can imagine why it has such a rabid following among the fans.

The best place to view the complete event would of course be The Pirate Bay dot Org. Its the most popular destination for torrent searches and download.

Pirate Bay has its own interesting story. After the website got involved in a legal battle over providing copy right content and government regulators tried to shut it down, the company thought of buying a private island property where it could frame its own rules that would allow itself to continue the questionable business.

This blog will not be posting links to such sites for obvious reasons but the ground reality is, sites like Pirate Bay are in operation and being used by millions.

In case you don’t want to download and just view the particular show, then head for YouTube.

Watch Code Geass R2 16 on Youtube from here

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    1. Rado says:

      I love this….thanks fro the post!!!!

    2. Vladim says:

      Pirate bay would be my top choice too!

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