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Balloon boy throws up (video)

Yesterday afternoon the country watched on national television while a spaceship looking aircraft floated through the sky from Ft. Collins, Colorado.  At the time, a 6-year-old boy was believed to be inside the aircraft, but when the aircraft landed, he wasn’t. 

2 hours later the boy was found hiding in the home of the Heene’s; he said that he was afraid his dad was angry with him.

On a CNN interview yesterday, Richard Heene asked his son Falcon why he didn’t come out when he heard people calling his name and he replied, “You guys said….we did this for the show.”  After a few seconds of awkwardness the parents continued speaking. 

In a press conference today, Colorado Sheriff Jim Alderman does not believe that this was a hoax put on by the family.  But the rest of the country is left wondering exactly what is going on.  They spoke to Falcon without his parents and said that they are satisfied that this wasn’t a hoax. 

Wolf Blitzer asked the father to explain that comment and the father looks confused and gets defensive. Richard Heene then explains that because of Wife Swap and the cameras he may be confused. 

In interviews early this morning, Falcon Heene looked upset and held his hand over his mouth and walked away from the cameras.  He appeared to have thrown up, and it was mostly likely from all of the excitement and lack of sleep.

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