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Zimride Car Pooling 101

With gas prices going sky high and eating into your financial planning, many of you would have given car pooling a serious thought but various factors would have held you back.

In my opinion, most important could have been, how do I find people going in the same direction as me! Advertising on Craigslist may or may not get the job done since its a generic classifieds not really focused on car pooling.

Well, guess what. Help is at immediate hand.

There are numerous car pooling websites available that will match you with other car poolers who are on the same route as you. In fact, since it might be a bit awkward to communicate with them initially, so these sites provide means to post anonymously.

At eRideShare, which caters mostly to daily commuters, enter your Zip Code and the direction you are heading, and search through listings for commutes that match yours.

Members of NuRide, are rewarded for each ride with points redeemable at restaurants, retailers and for tickets to shows and attractions.

For longer distance, one-off ride-sharing searches, craigslist (under “community” click on “rideshare”),

So where does that leave us with ZimRide? This is a ride-sharing social network that is free. The competitors of ZimRide charge some fee, in the neighborhood of 10%.

So if you are hunting to carpool, check out all these sites and use the one that fits your schedule best.

This blog, TechBanyan, does not support lower gas price since I believe US should get over its addiction with cheap oil and explore alternative energy sources. If the gas price is high, there would be enough incentive to do R&D and move towards cleaner fuel. This blog certainly does not support setting up off-shore oil rigs in US or drilling in Alaska.

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    1. Troy says:

      Steven, thats true.

      The car pool social networks which compete within the same spectrum as Zimride would be Goloco and Ridester.

      Goloco and ridester both charge fees: a 10% transaction fee for goloco; and a $2 rider’s fee and 9.5% processing fee on the driver’s price for ridester.

      I guess my point was a bit ambiguous. Good to have it clarified though.

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