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Profile Of Greg Laurie

Interesting tid bit about how the largest church in United States came about to be.

The pastor of one of the largest church, Greg Laurie, was born born on 10 December 1952 and he serves as the senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel, in Riverside, California.

At the age of 19, he had the opportunity to lead a Bible-study of 30 people originally started by Frisbee at All Saints Episcopal Church in Riverside, CA.

The church that formed from this group has grown to become one of the largest churches in the United States.

Related to this is the harvest crusades. The Harvest Crusades are evangelical Christian events held across the United States and in other countries at the invitation of local churches and Christian leaders. Since 1990, they have been attended by over 3.5 million people in stadiums.

I will be researching for more information on this but if you are a member of the congregation (or were), what do you think about this.

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